Yoe Says, There's Definitely A Gap Between Online And Offline Customer Experiences.

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Notes On Swift Solutions In Online Marketing

Its a win-win for both us and the customers. That all sounds great but how do you create a consistent brand experience across both online and offline platforms? Yoe says, There's definitely a gap between online and offline customer experiences. At our physical stores, customers can see, touch, and try products, as well as converse directly with our sales staff. Customers, however, arent able to do most of this on our online store. That's why we provide them with detailed product information and comparisons, as well as online consultations with our staff. Yoe shares how his company goes beyond websites to service customers. We dont limit our online staff consultations to just our website. We also respond to customers queries via WhatsApp, call and email. Most of our customers need advice before buying, especially when it comes to the products size, special prices, delivery costs and white flame solutions hemsida so on. Yoe explains, Whenever we get new client testimonials about our products, we will then share it on our social media channels. We also endorse several athletes as our brand ambassadors and share their experiences and achievements on social media. Offline, we host in-store events to build and maintain relationships with customers.

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