Second, Look For Brands Like The Nfl To Use Integrations And Social To Regain Ratings I Predict Big Moves By The Nfl To Try To Regain Ratings In 2017 - Potentially With A Greater Focus On Digital/broadcast Integration.

Our experts believe there are three ways video will impact 2017. by Kristina Knight First, streaming companies will begin acting like OTT providers "Consumers are cutting traditional cable, and the OG of streaming providers have stepped in to fill the role of traditional cable. At the same time, these providers are developing their own long-form content while also serving third party shows, movies, etc. Furthermore, they're developing partnerships with the Rokus and Apple TVs of the world, reducing both the physical and mental association with the computer screen. As these platforms grow their offerings and their ability to deliver on different screens, even more consumers are seeing cord cutting as a viable option, and the line between the platform and a cable network is increasingly blurred," said Dror Ginzberg, Co-Founder & CEO, Wochit . Second, look for brands like the NFL to use integrations and social to regain ratings "I predict big moves by the NFL to try to regain ratings in 2017 - potentially with a greater focus on digital/broadcast integration. For example, Twitter spent a ton of money to acquire certain NFL broadcast rights and just recently launched a new app that allows viewers to watch a live stream of the game," said Tiffany Morris, Vice President & General Counsel, Lotame . "You've also seen the NFL try to regain control of content that the individual clubs used to control. For example, the NFL passed a rule this year här teams can't post highlights and GIFs to social media during game broadcasts." Third, co-created branded video will overtake pre-roll "[Look for] Publisher co-created branded video will overtake pre-roll as the most desired and profitable form of video advertising. Why? Already has the highest engagement.

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A Helpful Overview Of Uncomplicated Facebook Marketing Secrets

So, make sure you get this one right! Be Unique and Keep Updating: There’s nothing more boring than bland Facebook pages. Before you know it, you’ll be starting your day by accepting friend requests! You might want to compare and analyse the top 3-4 Facebook Pages you’re competing with and who are doing especially well. A café once commented on my status when it was something about food. Do you have any ideas that you can add to this article? You can find out what people want, what they are offering and also how you are connected to these people on Facebook. This will take you a long way in developing relationships with fellow users and in positioning your business. CREATE YOUR PRESENCE ON FACEBOOK 1.